Your Obligations

As you know, each right goes with its related set of obligations. As a news network and platform for selling and distributing licensing rights, we have two sets of obligations that are central to our success: first, the satisfaction of our clients and the sustainability of our network model; and second, the respect of copyright and journalistic ethics.

Regarding copyright, a central point is to provide exclusive content and ideas that are yours, that you own or that you are legally entitled to represent. Here is an extract of our contract on that specific and central point.

” The CP commits to create an entirely original work (meaning it is in no way the result of plagiarism, copy, adaptation, transformation, derived work, translation) and novel (understood as a work which has never been published before, regardless of the media). In addition, the CP asserts to be the one and only exclusive author and right holder of moral  and material intellectual property rights, without any limitation of time and place.”

Regarding ethics, our news network and all its members agree to comply with our code of ethics that is publically shared. Please take some time to read it here and feel free to come back to us with remarks or questions.

Last but not least, in order to be able to run the ecosystem and sell your skills, we request from our members a non-competition clause with the clients we find for them. Indeed, if we get bypassed each time we find a new deal for a content producer, there is no point in doing the work. In that sense, we ask you to advise us of your existing clients when you join the network, in order to avoid offering your skills to them. Similarly, we ask our members, both contractually and morally, not to bypass us, and not to get in direct contact with the clients we find for them. We have a similar request and contractual clause with our clients.