Visions For Industries

We have said it over and over. ATC can provide content for all platforms, all types of delivery media, and for all industries with content needs.

As one of our main mottos is “yesterday’s practices will not be sufficient to meet tomorrow’s challenges successfully”, we are always looking for the next trend and for new ways to add value to our content.

In the various pages of this part of the site, you will find services presented by industry. Each page will quickly present our content concept for that business, and in some cases, provide you with demos, standard offers or links to existing services.


New platforms – Gaming Consoles, Vending Machines and all other new screen types.

Here you will find the media services that we can provide for new / future digital delivery platforms. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our visions and engaging in discussions to provide greater content services for your industry.

Please enjoy our visions and proposals for specific hardware devices (digital signage, gaming devices, hardware, non-mobile portable devices), specific industries (in-flight entertainment, hospitality, e-learning) and usage (trade show, corporate).

To conclude… or to start the conversation, please keep in mind that these pages are only an initial introduction – our current vision of what we may possibly do for you and your peers. So if you’re a player in one of those industries, an expert consultant or a member of a company working in one of these fields, please feel free to request a meeting or a conference call to learn about our full range of services for your sector.