Clement Charles

Directeur & fondateur

Clement Charles is the founder and the media visionary behind All The Content News Agency

Born in Geneva in 1977, Clement Charles began his career in the world of music rights management before entering into cultural journalism for a range of Swiss media. In just a few years he progressed from a freelancer to part of the senior management team. A journalist with a press card registered with the RP (register of media professionals), this bilingual English-French speaker, with a good knowledge of German and Italian, also worked for 3 years as a presenter on the radio station RTS Couleur 3

After completing a masters degree in political sciences with a paper called “””” analysing the revolution in political marketing combined with new technology, Clement launched the brand in 2001 and has been managing the company since its inception in 2002.

Member of the board of the association Swissmedia from 2004 to 2011, he is also involved in a variety of academic programmes relating to new media in public (HEIG-VD, Eracom) and private (SAWI Polycom) organisations, as a speaker and scientific consultant.