Notre Mission


ATCNA est une communauté de journalistes et une agence de presse verticale. Nous travaillons ensemble pour atteindre un but commun: vendre notre production et gagner une quantité juste d’argent pour cela; le tout de manière juste et transparente.


The future of journalism is original unique paid content. Content must be highly specialized, with high added value and relevance, with precise index, multimedia, multi-lingual options and cross-platform versions.  Talent needs to be paid at its right value.


Combine the best of media and technology in a quality controlled journalistic services connecting our unlimited network of highly specialized skills / narrow expertise with media client’s needs through our integrated online web-apps and cross platform delivery tools.

If you are content buyers, please go directly to the services pages to see our products. You can also visit the site to learn more about our history, our references or case studies.

Why a community?

As we, journalists and content producers, are working together to achieve one common goal: sell our production and earn a fair amount of money for it, while making the media industry stronger.

Why a vertical news network?

The world is always more complex, specialized, and each topic become a vertical that requires specialized writers to address this particular complexity. A large part of the lack of credibility of media organizations comes from the impossible mission of addressing the global complexity only with in-house resources.

To achieve the goal of the community, ATCNA is linked to the distribution platform, a global marketplace proposing content services to all types of medias on the planet. As both side of the coin that all producers dream for, and ATCNA proposes innovative and smart way to optimize the value of the intellectual property, using their own internal secret sauce to make the content available to all platforms and localize it for all the necessary regional audiences.

To achieve the goal of the vertical news network, of being able to address each audiences of specialists with a professional content producer expert of this particular vertical, this particular topic, we have created the concept of the news network of digital era, an unlimited network of external specialists focused with perfection on one specific subject. Still, the classic rules of ethics and journalistic deontology do apply as stated in our code of conducts.

And this network is you, and that’s why we come to you, the journalists, the writers, the translators, the producers. We invite you to jump onboard with a clear idea: you want to produce content? We want to buy content from you. Click
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Need a formal presentation of our business?

Since 2001, AllTheContent News Agency aka ATCNA provides content to all types of digital and traditional publishers and broadcasters. The company is the press network of the digital era, leading content provider of journalistic news, infotainment, video stories and rich media application. Multimedia contents are produced, indexed, controlled, localized by an outsourced network of 1850+ freelancers with its own proprietary platform, ATC Newsroom.

Content are then distributed by the global marketplace that transcodes and delivers contents to all types of platform via APIs. customers are major websites, mobile operators, newspapers, broadcasters, IPTV/OTT platforms, inflight or digital signage screens in Europe, in the MENA region and North America.
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