Our Working Philosophy

A news network of the digital era, ATC combines the best of both worlds: the media and IT industries.

As a network of professional journalists and highly specialized content producers, our key central values are credible information, ethics and reliable processes. As a young and innovative team of new media specialists, we combine a range of technical skills with flexible and competitive business visions.


Our Values

  • 01.Future & Journalism Journalism is the future. The future will be journalistic.

    When today’s free informed choices should only be done with valid and independent information, journalistic production practices (fact checking and ethical reporting) will be increasingly important in the upcoming information society and data/knowledge economy.

  • 02.Curiosity & InnovationThe curiosity of each individual talent is the central element of value creation.

    Curiosity leads to asking questions for which audiences are willing to pay for the answers. It leads to quality relevant content. It leads to being permanently innovating in terms of technologies and practices to produce and deliver content.

  • 03.Collaboration & CommunityStronger together than separated, focused on core expertise.

    Talents and producers need to focus on what they do best (produce) when other should take care of the rest of the process (sales, revenues collection) in full transparency. Similarly, journalists need to recognize each other’s quality and uniqueness to create the best content in their field of expertise.